Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Build a fulfilling and rewarding career with us!!!!!

"Insurance Consultants is to meet the increasing demand in financial service. Join to create, preserve and protect wealth in this industry today and enjoy the flexibility of building potentially unlimited income at your own time."

As a member of our leading team, you can expect the following benefits:

-Great Potential Income
-Annual Incentive Trip
-Agency Subsidy
-Intensive On-Ground Training and Support From The Best In the Industry

Qualification is simple, individuals who are above 21 years of age and possess SPM qualifications are welcome to JOIN!!!. 

Document needed to be a part of Marketing Executive

1-SPM Certificate(original-will return back to you)
2-Photocopy of Bank Account Statement
3-4 pieces passport size photographs
4-IC Photocopy
5-Exam Fees:RM80.00

To join us in MCIS Zurich,you have to take an exam in order to get the licese from Life Insurance Association of Malaysia(LIAM).This is a profesionnal career so once you pass your exam,you will get ur ID and you can start to sell the product from MCIS Zurich Insurance Berhad.

You may make this business as a Full Time or Part Time career for your whole life!!!

The exam can be taken at anytime and dont worry,the exam is soooooo easy!!!So what you are waiting for??Contact me NOW!!!!!!!!

MZ Wealth Multiplier

The endowment plan that helps you achieve your financial goals.

MZ Wealth Multiplier provides you with sound financial security for your well being. With the assurance of a regular cash flow, you will have sufficent income to ensure you are duly rewarded for all your years of hard work.

Key features of MZ Wealth Multiplier at a glance
  • Regular premium participating endowment product to cater to your savings and protection needs.
  • Guaranteed survival benefits of 10% of your Basic Sum Assured every 3 years.
  • 100% of your Basic Sum Assured payable upon maturity.

MZ Supreme Wealth 5G 

The plan with 5 Guarantees

Life can be full of uncertainties, some good and others a little less so. That is why MZ Supreme Wealth 5G is specially designed to offer you 5 Guarantees towards your financial security.

This savings and protection plan is suitable for customer who prefer flexibility in choosing premium payment term while continue to enjoy the benefits of consistent income until maturity at age 88. With MZ Supreme Wealth 5G you can be assured of the financial security to meet the evolving demands of life for you and your family… today and in the future.

Key features of MZ Supreme Wealth 5G at a glance
  • Guaranteed option to choose between 3 Premium Payment Term (10, 15 or 20 years)1
  • Guaranteed Annual Cash Dividends from end of 10th policy year
  • Guaranteed protection that extends beyond Premium Payment Term
  • Guaranteed Additional Accidental Death Coverage during Premium Payment Term
  • Guaranteed Maturity Benefits of 155% of Basic Sum Assured
    1This option is only available at policy inception.



MZ Supreme Wealth Saver

The Savings and Protection plan that guarantees you annual income
We understand that it’s sometimes difficult to commit to long-term financial expenses. That is why MZ Supreme Wealth Saver offers you a protection cum savings plan with limited commitment. Depending on your needs, this plan also offers you with short term premium payment term from as low as 5 year and still receive benefits such as a steady and consistent annual income from end of first policy year. 

With MZ Supreme Wealth Saver, your financial commitment will end sooner than you’d imagine. So take the first step towards realizing your dreams.

Key features of MZ Supreme Wealth Saver at a glance

  • Annual Cash Dividends up to 7.75% of Basic Sum Assured

  • Protection and additional Annual Cash Dividends until policy matures
  • Guaranteed 120% of your Basic Sum Assured is payable upon maturity 


A leading insurer acknowledged as an innovative provider of services and our solutions for our customers through a culture of excellence.

MCIS ZURICH has the ambition and proven strengths to be a leader in the Malaysian Insurance

The culmination of expertise and experience as a key Composite Provider in the Life, General, Group 
Life & Investment Linked business is a clear statement of intent.

This is complimented with decades of local knowledge and strong global links with Zurich Financial
 Services in Switzerland.

MCIS Zurich is registered under the Insurance Act 1996. Therefore, the company operates as a 
conventional insurer that markets products and operates with requirements of the Insurance Act 1996.